Beauty Review: Amarte Facial Cleanser

I love trying new beauty products.  When you look at my vanity and my bathroom cabinets you will see many half used bottles of products with the exception of my staples. The way that I am able to choose my staples is through my almost obsessive need to try new items.  So when new product comes into the Kontrol office I am more than willing to scoop them up and take them home to give them a try.

Amarte Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam is a rich, creamy facial foam that is supposed to deeply cleanse without drying your skin.  The cool thing about this cleanser is that it is part toner, and part cleanser in a very rich foam that is perfect for oily and acne prone skin.  I would recommend this for us combination skin folks as well.  If you have dry skin, this product is not recommended.

What I loved about the cleanser is that it is a foam.  I know that sounds silly, but it feels so good on my face that it is like going to the spa and getting a facial.  I also loved how clean it made my skin.  After wearing makeup or just being out and about in the elements, my face feels super clean without the residue that you might have from other products.  The other cool thing about this product is that it is dermatologist approved, which is always good to know when using a product to get healthy skin.

Interested in this product? Get it here for $40.




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