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Beauty Review: Rucker Roots Haircare Line

A self-proclaimed beauty junky, I am actually pretty particular about what I put in my hair. I am still learning my natural hair and how to enhance my natural curls to be fierce when I wear them out and honestly I have found some great products, but not necessarily products that my hair loves.

Rucker Roots is an up and coming haircare company created by three sisters that has a shampoo, conditioner, growth serum, and heat protectant that is sulfate and paraben free comprised of organic root vegetables from their family’s garden. Reading about the line and the ingredients of their products made me very interested in trying it out. Furthermore, the consistency of the conditioner made me fall in love; it is super thick. The sisters describe their product as, “Our hair transforming products improve lifeless, dry and hard to manage hair creating thicker, shinier and well-balanced hair. We are strongly committed to providing a unique blend of natural root ingredients that are both lightweight and stimulating to the scalp.”, which after trying I am less of a skeptic. This stuff makes my hair feel amazing!

Immediately after massaging the shampoo into my scalp I could feel it tingling, and it felt good! I could tell that the product was actually stimulating my scalp, which is good for getting the blood flowing and therefore, improving hair growth. I followed up my shampoo session with the conditioner. I left it in for about 5-8 minutes. I noticed a difference in my hair immediately after rinsing, it was soft and my curls were more defined. After I conditioned my hair, I added the growth serum to my scalp and a little to the length of my hair and detangled. The conditioner along with the growth serum made combing through my thick-natural hair easy.

I have used this product for two weeks and I must say I have noticed a difference. My hair is shiny, more manageable and feels healthier. I would definitely recommend this product to my hair product junkies out there!

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