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Beauty Talk with Kim Baker & Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics

Beauty Talk with Kim Baker & Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics

In an industry full of nos, it’s up to you to make your dream a reality. The fashion industry has been known to break people, but it’s the true diamonds that persevere. Kim Baker, founder of Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics, is one of those diamonds.

Facing many challenges in the fashion and beauty industry, Kim didn’t let that stop her.

Starting her journey as a Wilhelmina model, Kim faced racism and decided to leave modeling but not the industry itself. “I’ve read articles stating how black women are the most undesirable women.There are millions of companies catering to the “standard” beauty. If they could do that then why couldn’t I show them how beautiful women of color are. Of course, we already know it but now it’s time the [world] sees it.” Influenced by the best makeup artists in the industry, especially her mentor Bobbi Brown; she learned “Don’t fall into trends, just play up your best features”. Thus pouring her creative vision and past experiences into the Glamazon Beauty Cosmetic products.


“I’ve been doing makeup for more than twenty years, and I’ve been in this industry for awhile now. I actually use to work with a company where I would have to custom blend makeup for women. That process helped shape the products I provide with Glamazon; from using brown as the base and considering the skin tone, undertone and highlights.”


Specializing in fashion and beauty, Kim’s unique background helped set her and Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics apart from the rest. “A full-color line for women of all ethnicities”, Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics represents women of color. With only being on the market since January 24, 2017, Glamazon is making an impact on the beauty industry, constantly selling out of products. Her top sellers include concealer, eyeliner, and cream highlighter. This assortment of premium “mistake free” makeup, empower the everyday women to embrace her “special something”.

“Overall I want to promote natural beauty and empower women to embrace their natural beauty“.


Photo: Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics

True to color, Kim’s “second skin”, is loved by women of all ethnicities.

“I love the Second Skin Liquid Foundation. Sometimes, you can forget you have it on because it’s so lightweight.” Her various shades of models are proof of her hard work paying off. The majority of her line focused on deeper skin tones, emphasizing that women of color are just as beautiful as the next.


How have the upcoming trends of Spring/Summer influenced your makeup palette?

We plan on launching some new color palettes in a couple of months. I’ve found women are loving nudes in terms of their makeup palette. Women go crazy for our Coco Rose Hydro- Matte Liquid Lipstick.


Photo: Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics
Photo: Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics

Let’s talk highlight!

Women have adopted this new beauty hack to enhance their features. Is there ever a time you say NO to highlighter? What is your one tip for new users?

Never! I actually just came back from working a fashion show, where I had to achieve a “Candle lit” look. Our highlighter Amber Lights can actually be mixed into your foundation, the cream allows for an easier control. One tip: start light and then build onto that. Many women are going overboard with highlighter which can make it look like aluminum. We need to remember to keep it natural and light.


Men are now a powerhouse in the beauty world; anywhere from beauty bloggers to drag shows, no matter their sexuality. Having worked with many men in the industry, what are your thoughts on men embracing the beauty industry?

“When the children say yes, I know I have the official stamp of approval”. I actually ran into a transgender couple that was shopping the Glamazon collection; it was [enlightening] to hear how they literally use my concealer for everything. It’s a long-lasting and lightweight creamy feel can even be used to cover tattoos.


What is one necessity you believe every woman needs in her makeup bag?

BROWS!! If all else fails, do your brows. It can bring your whole face together. Do you, but also have your brow kit.


What would you say is the one mistake women are making in beauty cosmetics today?

Ladies are overdoing it with contouring and highlights. I literally look at some women and think I could just scrape it off their face, that how thick it can be sometimes. I’ve talked to men and they even say how it can look artificial. We have to remember that men love a natural looking women.


You waited three years to perfect Glamazon before your launch. Why?

“I didn’t want to put out anything that was half ass”, that’s the simplest way I can put it. There’s always something you can perfect within the line. But, clearly, I am doing something right for products to be sold out constantly.


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