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Beauty Tips for the Busy, Modern Woman

Beauty Tips for the Busy, Modern Woman

When you spend most of your day commuting, attending meetings, and meeting deadlines, you have little time in the mornings to fix a healthy breakfast let alone having hours to spend on your hair and makeup.  However, we all know that an unkempt image in the workplace has a direct effect on the way you are treated professionally.  So, with that in mind, here are some time saving beauty tips for the busy, modern woman:

Hide Root Re-Growth

Having a busy work life usually means you have little free time, so if you haven’t had time to book in at the hair salon and your roots are starting to show, try camouflaging the re-growth until such time.  First of all, tease your hair into a messy side parting rather than a parting straight down the middle. Then, apply some dry shampoo with a hint of color which is available for both dark and blonde hair.  This is also a great way of absorbing grease and hiding greys.

Multi-task Your Makeup

The thought of having to apply foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, and then mascara before you leave for work may cause you to skip the makeup altogether.  However, you only need to use a couple of products to get the same effect. For example, you can apply a tinted moisturizer to give you a subtle glow with a hint of color rather than foundation.  Then, apply a line of eye liner to your eyelash curler before applying it to your eyelids for the perfect line and curls all at once.

Skip the Deodorant

Assuming you put aside time to have a shower at least, spraying deodorant to keep you smelling fresh isn’t always the best idea.  In fact, it has been suggested that using the same deodorant every day loses its effect over time because the body finds ways to adapt and unplug the ducts blocked by antiperspirants.  Instead, opt for a good quality perfume and apply it to the pulse points on your body such as your wrists, neck, or even inside your elbow if you want to smell great all day long. You can shop women’s perfume online and have it delivered to your door if you don’t have time to hit the shops.

Go for Gel Nail Polish

If your nails could do with a bit of TLC, you don’t always need the help of a professional; a splash of color is all you need.  Rather than opting for regular nail polish, choose a gel polish that can be cured under a UV lamp in as little as 30 seconds. They last much longer than normal polish and are a lot more hard-wearing.  If you don’t feel that color is appropriate for the workplace, you can choose a clear coat that will act as a nail strengthener and a base coat for when you do eventually want to apply a layer of color for those inevitable nights out after a hard week at work.

Having a hectic schedule doesn’t always mean you have to skip the beauty routine.  Try these tips and you’ll still look great without the need to wake up an hour early!


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