BEAUTY TOOL THURSDAY: Comedone Extractor

Need a new way to remove the blackheads? Keep reading!


When you have a dirty blackhead show up, the first thing you do is freak out. The next thing you do is run to the bathroom to try to remove it with your hands. If you have watched videos online, you know that this process can be as equally gross as popping zits. No need to to get your hands dirty anymore, thanks to the comedone extractor.


This metal tool is easy to use and easy to sanitize. Its shaped like a pencil with two loops, one on each end. They are used to help with the removal of blackheads and whiteheads.

comedone extractors

First, make sure your skin is clean. While you are washing your face, you can also work on sanitizing the tool used for removing the blackhead


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Secondly, make sure the pores are nice and loose. The best way to do that is with steam. You can use your facial steamer or go for a little DIY facial steamer.

facial steamer

Once the pores are open, use the comedone extractor to remove the black head by applying pressure as the loop is around the blackhead. Be careful not to jab it in your skin. Wiggle the tool around while still applying pressure to make sure the blackhead is out of the pore. Once it is finish coming out, just slide the comedone extractor off and wipe of the tool to remove the blackhead. Repeat.


After you are finished removing the blackheads, make sure you use an astringent to clean the area to make sure no bacteria is able to cause issues. Yes, you still need to moisturize after using the comedone extractor.

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