Do you have unsightly peach fuzz that you want to remove?


Facial hair just ain’t cute for everyone. Luckily, there is a tool out that can get rid of it. No, its not a multi-blade razor that your man uses. It’s the Dermaflash! This tool will have your face super smooth and sexy.

dermaflash closeup

So, what is it and how does it work?


In simple terms, Dermaflash is an exfoliating tool that removes peach fuzz and some dead skin cells on the skin. It allows your makeup to simply glide on with little to no effort.

Dermaflash demo

After your face is clean and dry, you just use the Dermaflash as instructed. Start in front of your ear at the top of the cheekbone. With your free hand, hold your facial skin taught and using short, feathery strokes glide the Dermaflash inward towards nose over the contours of your cheek and entire side of your face. Avoid the eyelid, eyebrows, hairline, sides of the nose and lips.


Once done, moisturize your skin. For the best results, just simple make the Dermaflash a part of your nightly skincare routine once a week. The women that have tried this beauty tool have fallen in love with it.

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