Are you tired of having uneven skin tone and texture? Get yourself a dermaroller!


Wouldn’t it be nice to just have the skin you have always dreamed of? Well, now, it’s a step closer. The tool that can help you and your skin woes is the dermaroller. The process is also known as micro needling. It does seem scary, but its going to be good for you.

A Dermaroller close-up

In a nutshell, there is a rotating cylinder covered in needles that roll over the surface of your face. With several treatments, you will notice a change in your skin’s condition. This treatment can be completed at a spa, the dermatologist’s office, or at home.


There is a point to placing the little needles on your skin. When your skin is hurt, signals are sent by your body to help heal the damage. The great thing about the body’s healing process, is that collagen and elastin is present for the healing. Your skin will look firmer and plumper.



After cleaning your skin, apply a serum and use the dermaroller on your face. Try going around your face twice and avoid the eyelids. Do not push too hard or you might cause severe damage to the skin. Once you have completed your passes, apply another layer of your favorite serum. Clean the dermaroller with rubbing alcohol and put in the storage case. Follow the manufacture’s instructions for replacing the needles. Get ready to have beautiful skin.

derma areas


When it comes to the size of your needles, do not go too big. The bigger the needle, the more intense the treatment. If you feel like you will need a deeper session with the dermaroller, seek a professional.

dermaroller full lengthAlso, when using a serum, go for one that will not irritate your skin. A good start would be a serum with hyaluronic acid.

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