How cool would it be for you to make your own mask? Guess what? You can!


When it comes to skin care and doing things the economical way, DIY will always be the way to go. If you wanted to do a mask, you had to go into the kitchen, get a bowel and tools to make the mask. Luckily for you, there is now an easier and cleaner way of getting a DIY mask.

Sheet mask
Sheet mask

Recently, there was a viral video released by The Insider. They showcased a machine that basically helped the user create their own collagen style face mask. All the user needs is fresh vegetable or fruit juice, water and collagen pills. Once the items are mixed together in the machine, the mask is created. After the mask is produced, it can then be placed on the face.

diy mask

The link attached with the video went to an Amazon page that stated the item is unavailable, but with the help of a Google search and search on Amazon, there was other DIY mask machines available.

Masks you need

They work the same. If you are a lover of skin care, DIY and facial masks, this type of machine is for you. If you feel like its too much work to get a DIY mask and too much money, it’s ok to stick with the convenient ready to use mask from your favorite store.

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