Beauty Tool Thursday: Facial Steamers

The best way to blow off some steam is with steam. Try a facial steamer for good skin.


Remember cooking something on the stove and the water had to start boiling? Well, you also may have even stayed over the pot while the water started to boil. There was something about the steam hitting your face. Well, the good news, is that the steam is actually good for you because it opens up your pores.

Woman steaming her face with facial steamer

Now, gone are the days of having to stand over the stove in order to achieve a nice facial steaming. You can purchase a facial steamer. The concept is basically the same. With the facial steamer, you fill the basin up with water and plug it in. Yes, it’s that simple. After the machine is plugged in and warmed up, just put your face over the opening and allow the steam to hit you in the face.

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With the steam in your face, you will feel your pores open up. You will also feel relaxed and notice that your face will be a bit moist. Just think of it as the bad stuff sweating away from your pores. Depending on the brand and/or model that you get, there may be a facial cleansing brush included. That just adds to the deep cleaning your skin will need to be beautiful.

Facial Steamer_conairFor an added bonus, try using your favorite essential oil to enhance your in-home spa experience.


If you wanted to feel super special or want to have a spa experience for others, you can even purchase a spa grade facial steamer. In the even that you do not wish to spend money, you can go back the old school method mentioned at the beginning.

pro facial steamer

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