Beauty Tool Thursday: Foreo’s LUNA

Looking for a gentle, yet effective way to clean your skin? Try Foreo’s Luna!


In recent years, skincare has had a giant surge. One particular item that has been all over the place is a facial cleansing brush. Basically, it’s a mechanical tool to help with cleaning the skin. There was one particular brand that was highly popular, but also very expensive, to some people. As with anything on the market, other versions pop up with a lower price point and sometimes with a lower level of quality.

Clarisonic Mia

As the facial brushes became popular, some were still not fans. One of the biggest issues was the resurgence of acne. The next issue became sanitation. Granted, you were encouraged, by the creators, to use anti-bacterial soap to clean the bristles after each use and change the head every 2-3 months.


Enter Foreo. This Swedish company decided to still give users a clean face, but solve concerns of sanitation. Their device called Luna is an anti-microbial silicone covered facial tool with T-sonic technology that cleans your face. There are different devices for different skin types. Also, the sizes vary. The greatest feature of the Luna is that brush heads do not have to be changed frequently.  There is even an anti-aging feature that is on the reverse side.


The Luna in all their forms are easy to use. First you apply the facial cleanser to your face, then you use the Luna to help clean your face. Once you are finished using the device on your face, simply rinse and follow your regular skincare routine.


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