Beauty Tool Thursday: Intimate Trimmers

Just because No-Shave November is near, that doesn’t mean you have to join….unless you want to. Go for an intimate trimmer!


One of the best ways to keep everything nice and neat would be with shaving. Unfortunately, with that option, there is the possibility of cuts and in-grown hairs. Waxing is equally clean, but can be painful. So, what do you do? Get yourself an intimate trimmer.


An intimate trimmer is basically just a smaller, more portable version of hair clippers used for the head. They also do not require you to plug into the wall to use. Yay batteries! Plus, the trimmer can be used in the shower.

trimmer and razorYes, the trimmer is for the intimate areas, but you can also use it on other areas too. If you do not want to shave under your arms, trim the hair. If you have hair on your hands and on your feet, it is okay to use the trimmer on those hairy areas too. The ultimate goal is to feel good and smooth.

remington bikini trimmerThere are so many intimate trimmers on the market. Do not feel the need to spend tons and tons of money. Try your local discount retailer to pick a high quality, name brand trimmer at a fraction of the price. If you are lucky, you can just find a trimmer that has multiple trimmer heads or attachments. Also, do not be afraid to shop in the men’s section for a trimmer that may have everything you need.

Remington trimmer

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