Want to use technology to help banish acne?


There are many ways you can treat your acne prone skin these days. The first known methods are creams and facial washes. If those don’t work for you, then there are prescription drugs. This method may or may not be the route for everyone. So if you have tried these and still acne prone, it may be time for a new path. Use lights! Yes, LED lights can help you in your quest for better skin.

BLUE LEDRed and Blue LED lights are used in skincare to help with issues. When it comes to fighting acne, the blue lights are used to kill the bacteria. The red lights are used to help reduce inflammation.

RED LEDThe LED lights can either come in the form of a mask or a device with a handle. If you buy the mask version, its only a 10-20 minute treatment. After your normal skincare routine, just place the mask on. Once you use the light of your desire, complete your routine.

LED maskOne of the great things about LED light treatments at home is convenient. You do not have to run to the doctor or dermatologist every week or so for this treatment. From the privacy of your own home, you can work on getting better skin. Plus, its simply cheaper than all of those previously mention trips to a doctor’s office.

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