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Beauty: Tips for the Perfect Eyebrows

Beauty: Tips for the Perfect Eyebrows

Having groomed eyebrows is of one of the most important and essential parts of your beauty routine. There is nothing more jarring than looking at a perfectly ‘beat’ face with messy brows! It is so true that eyebrows frame your entire face and having eyebrows that are not ‘done’ is like having a Picasso in a dollar store frame…I mean really, it’s that serious.

There are many tools on the market that will allow you to perfect your arch in the comforts of your own home. If you are not comfortable with taking on fixing up your brows on your own, let a pro do it, but still have some of these tools in your makeup kit so that you can keep your brows up in between visits.

Check out some key tips below to keep your brows in shape.

1. Shape

The shape of your brow is important and everyone has a different shape and density to their eyebrows. It is important to know what your shape is and how your eyebrows grow in because one shape does NOT fit all. Rihanna may look great with her naturally full eyebrows, but you may need to go with a different look. To assess the shape of your brows before you tweeze and pencil away, take a thin make-up brush (or something similar) and rest it along the bridge of your nose up to the front end of your eyebrows. The make-up brush and the upper bridge of your nose should line up. If not, then this is where you will pencil in if you do not have enough hair or tweeze if you have too much.



2. The Arch & Tail

Once you access your shape, you are ready to start to create/define your arch. The arch of your eyebrow should be about 3/4 from the front of your eyebrows or slightly off-center from the pupil of your eye. Using your favorite eyebrow pencil (it should be a shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color), begin to draw a “guide” line from where you measured the front of your eyebrows to be from the top bridge of your nose, to your arch, and then to the end of the tapered-tail of your eye brow (the tail should not fall further than the outer corner of your eye). The pencil will create a guide to show you where you need to tweeze random hairs that fall outside of the line.


eyebrow 2

3. Top of the Brow

Using a spoolie brush, brush your eyebrow hairs upward. Take a pair of grooming scissors and trim away long excess hairs.

4. Fill Them In

Take your favorite eyebrow pencil or powder with angle brush and begin to fill in your eyebrow with short strokes to mimic hair. You should only fill in the sparsely haired places on your eyebrow to keep a more natural and symmetrical look.



5. Clean Them Up

If you need to, you can take concealer to clean up places on your brow where the pencil or powder bled out from your guideline. Afterwards, set your eyebrows with eyebrow wax or gel so that they remain in place.

Your brows should  now look neat, symmetrical, and fierce!


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