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#KontrolReads What Becomes of a Broken Soul by Raquel M. R. Thomas

#KontrolReads What Becomes of a Broken Soul by Raquel M. R. Thomas

What Becomes of a Broken Soul by Raquel M. R. Thomas

62333909smallRachel is in love with Richard or she might be. She finds herself drawn to this man who has entered her life seemingly by chance, who isn’t pushy, and who makes her feel safe. Rachel is an adult now. She is capable of making responsible decisions in her love life.

But it doesn’t always feel that way. Rachel’s history, a childhood filled with drugs and violence instead of love and acceptance, haunts her. She has survived, becoming a successful businesswoman in the process, yet the scars on her heart remain.

Will Rachel find healing and self-acceptance now that she has grown up? Or will she always carry the past with her? As Rachel tackles these questions, she finds that she must find the determination to succeed in her personal life as she has in business—– against all odds.

Excerpt- Suddenly, the door burst open, and the footsteps were even louder this time. My mom came in with a two-by-four that had been cut by some workers who were building a toolshed behind the trailer; my granny had already added a room so there was more space for our family. My mom came directly at me on the couch and swung the board. She said, “This is my child, and I will do whatever the hell I want to do to her. Don’t touch me, or I will fuck your ass up too”.

The beating went on for at least ten minutes. As she hit me with the two-by-four, I could see my granny looking at us, not knowing what to do to help me. My seventy-one-year-old granny stood still as the beating continued.

My body went into shock, and I didn’t feel a thing. I was conscious and could see everything that was happening but I couldn’t feel or hear anything. I could see my mother’s lips moving as she hit me with the board. Everything was still and quiet. I remember seeing red everywhere. I could smell my blood, and the sight of it made me wonder if I was going to die, if my time was up. I was afraid of the outcome, but I knew it was best that it was only me and not my granny or the kids.


RAQUELTHOMASamLLMBA, CEO, LLC!  Those are not acronyms many usually associate with a girl from the “wrong” side of the tracks!  Still those challenges are exactly why Raquel Michelle Richardson Thomas is the CEO/Owner of six thriving businesses, all before her 35th birthday!    The Columbia SC native decided while just a child that despite her circumstances, she would achieve her goals and change lives in the process. After receiving her BA in Business Administration and Marketing from Virginia State University and Graduating from the University of Maryland with an MBA, she quickly began crafting her action plan to make her entrepreneurial goals realities.  Before her 28th birthday this visionary was owner and CEO of two thriving companies, at 31 she notched two more successes on her business belt and today Raquel sits at the helm of several lucrative companies that include Children of Tomorrow Learning Center and Child Care, The Museum Shop; a High End Men’s Apparel Store in the nation’s capital, plus a Health Care Business and Cleaning Company.      Her current business venture combines fashion with a positive message and movement. Definitive.Movement.Rebellion. (DMR) Fashion is more than a brand it’s a declaration of self-expression which encourages and promotes the freedom of being your truest self. Raquel moved the on-line business into a brick and mortar retail outlet in the Columbia Place Mall, Columbia, SC in less than a year and has established it not only as a retail outlet, but also an artist showcase. Each weekend the store hosts DMR Live featuring singers, spoken word artists, musicians and other live performances. Visual artists are also showcased with striking artwork on the walls of the store and in an innovative move; Raquel gave select on-line outlets the incredible opportunity to carry their line(s) at the Columbia SC location.   Raquel says the goal for DMR Fashion is to create a welcoming space that melds commerce and community!        Raquel is continuing that sentiment with her non-profit organization Dream Catchers which will utilize programs, workshops and mentoring sessions to help youth from impoverished neighborhoods and broken households, gain the skills and self-confidence needed to achieve their goals.      Continuing her desire to encourage and motivate, Raquel recently turned a childhood passion for writing into her first book set to release in the summer of 2017.  “What becomes of a Broken Soul” is a fictional story loosely based on the many challenges she faced, atrocities she witnessed and how perseverance, love and incredible drive can overcome even the most dysfunctional upbringing.         This mother of two frequently advises young entrepreneurs to stay committed to their dreams and goals in spite of the often tedious and difficult work. She encourages enterprising men and women, reminding them that “Challenges will come, but it is those obstacles that make you stronger, wiser and confident that greater is coming”!  Raquel counsels those perusing business ventures to become familiar with every aspect of their company and never get too big to roll up your sleeves and lend your employees a helping hand!      Raquel clearly recognizes that everything she has been blessed to accomplish in her life is due to God’s love and favor.  Even in the worst times her faith has allowed her to experience the Lord’s Presence in her personal and professional life! Raquel says “God has built a fence around me and proven countless times that Matthew 19:26 is true; With God All Things Are Possible”


Get to know Raquel:


  1. Who is Raquel M. R. Thomas?  I am a God-fearing woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a student! I am always learning and evolving. I am a woman who strives every day to walk in my purpose and to do the work God has set out for me to do. I am the protector of my energy. I am a believer that all things are possible and I am a dreamer that has set out to catch my dreams. I am a dream catcher!
  2. What inspired the book? As earlier as the 2ndgrade I wanted to be a writer. I would write short stories and poems as a small child. I never wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, I wanted to a writer. The book is inspired by my life and what I have seen over the course of my life. The book was also inspired by triumph, the ability to overcome. I wanted to inspire others and even awaken something in someone that has been asleep far too long. I wanted to reach my audience and give something they could relate to.
  3. Who is your favorite character?That’s an easy question “Rachel”. Rachel is a character that has been through so much yet she finds a way to stand despite her circumstance. Rachel is also very human meaning she hurts, she cries, she has happy moments, she makes mistakes, and she isn’t perfect.
  4. Tell us the most difficult portion of the book to write? The book pulls many different emotions from the reader and there are many moments that are defining moments throughout the book. If I had to select a portion of the book that was difficult I would say the abuse that Rachel endured as a child.
  5. Tell us the most exciting portion of the book to write? The excitement really was throughout the entire book. Even with all the emotions that were running high being able to put it all on paper was an exciting process. When I would go to my writing chair despite what part of the book I was on I felt excitement!
  6. What was your writing process? My writing process was simple while writing “What Becomes of a Broken Soul”. I have a writing chair in my bedroom that I sit in and write. I play old R&B music mostly from the 90s and my fingers do the rest. I make sure I am in a very relaxed environment and that it is quiet.
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an author? In 5 years, I would like to have 3 more books published and becoming a New York Times Best Seller! I can see a film or play coming from “What Becomes of a Broken Soul” for sure. Overall, I see more writing and more books!




Buy the Book:


Find the author:

Website: www.raquelrt3.com

Facebook: Raquel RT3

Instagram: RaquelRT3

Twitter: @RaquelRT3Author

Snapchat: RaquelRT3


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