Been Trill and Pretty Puke Unveils 360-Degree Visual Lookbook

Cool news guys on the latest in street wear fashion, Been Trill has teamed up with the iconic and creative Pretty Puke for a new visual look book highlighting threads from the brand’s latest collection and recent collaboration with Coca-Cola. As children of the Internet, the director/photographer feels, “The 360 video is a byproduct of today’s culture. It represents the future, the millennial, the Tumblr kids,” an alternative approach to presentation that falls in-line with Been Trill’s youth-driven aesthetic. The visual features the likes of Gabe from UZI and DJ Cyber 69 crowded in what looks like a subway. On top of Been Trill’s latest threads including hoodies, t-shirts, and bucket hats the visual is in one frame showcasing a 360 degree shot of the inside of a subway car and the pedestrians styled down to the T in Been Trill clothing. Check out the visuals shot in the New York City subway down below and click here to purchase the many pieces featured in the visual online from select retailors across the world. Also don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends; Been Trill is definitely an OG in the street wear game check out their latest drop. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark

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Mark Pollard

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