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Behind The Scenes With Actor/Singer Chris June

Behind The Scenes With Actor/Singer Chris June

Written By: Mark Pollard


Chris June is a young entertainer with a resume that includes some of social media’s most talked-about shows. With an equally appealing stage presence to match, this DC area native is definitely a star on the rise and someone who is going to make waves this summer all over your social timelines. Get into this inside scoop behind the scenes with About Him and Raising Eli Actor/Singer Chris June.

Chris June was born Chris Williams and raised in Largo, MD to a single mother. The arts embraced Chris from a young age, indulging him in creative outlets frequently. Theatre, drawing, and even designing clothes in high school were just some of his endeavors. However, it wasn’t until drama class that he’d find belongingness in his ability to embody characters. After a few years, he’d cleaned up his gift and go on to Salisbury University where he’d obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Why a degree in Psychology do you ask? June goes on to explain how he puts to use his degree through every character he portrays on television and stage.

“As an artist you can create anything there are no boundaries. I’ve always been interested in why people would act the way they act. Something that’s always been interesting to me is people’s mannerisms and the way that they think. I’ve always taken an interest in that. I love being able to tell a story. I realize that people are shaped by their experiences and feelings. Why people act a certain way and why they respond to certain situations, a lot of times it could be a reflection of someone else’s personal reality. In acting, I feel like it’s important to be transparent because everything has to come from an honest place.”

Indeed the mind and how people think would be a staple in June’s interest and undoubtedly play into his ability to act.

“As an actor you just need to come from a real place, that’s what the audience wants from you, to be honest with your feeling and emotions. They can tell whether you’re really upset or faking it. Having a personal awareness of everything about you, knowing who you are as a person will only make it easier to change. Only at that point you can really morph into character and receive criticism for your portrayal.”

During 2015 and 2016, Chris began singing and performing in popular live musical revues created and directed by Jeremy McShan.

“Jeremy reached out to me on Instagram and he liked my singing and asked me if I would like to be apart of this show. He’s an amazing dancer/choreographer and has really set a platform for many artists to showcase their talents as well. He showed me how to embody different characters and really capture the audience.”

With a booming career on the rise, June is extremely humble for the success he’s encountered thus far in his career. With plenty of projects to keep him busy and fans entertained, June’s motivation comes from the one and only up above.

“What keeps me motivated the most is God’s love and I’m not even just saying that to be cliché. God knows who you are as a person, he made you this way. He knows what you struggle with and even with all those things all you have to do is just trust him and he’ll guide you through it. Just trust the way things are being played out, believe that it’s all working to your good. Even if it does or doesn’t work just trust that a lesson comes from it because every lesson has gotten you to this point and that’s why it’s important to look at where you are and what you’ve learned.”

What’s next for Chris June do you ask? Well with a lineup of gigs set to make waves this upcoming summer, June is definitely keeping himself busy with new and reprising roles that will definitely keep fans intrigued for more of what this up and coming star has to offer. He was cast lead in Lee Hayes The BAIT Files playing a sociopath name De’Andre and is also the “Him” in the popular series About Him season 2 “The Revolution” by Signal 23 TV playing Armani alongside Gary LaVard who’s playing Dustin.

“I’m on the new season of About Him The Revolution season 2. I’m also on a Lee Hayes spinoff of Bates called The Bate Files as well, and were actually in production for Raising Eli 2. I have a big surprise on that project you guys definitely won’t be disappointed about.”

Checkout Chris June now on the latest season of About Him The Revolution via YouTube and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram as well @the24thofjune. Your dope for reading!


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