Behind the Scenes With G-Star RAW and Pharrell Williams “What is RAW?” Campaign in FW16 Video Series

Ok, so it wasn’t too long ago when we reported that Pharrell Williams was embarking g-star-pharrell-raw-fw16-campaign-01-550x800
on a co-ownership with denim haus G-Star Raw. The singer/producer and fashion icon are “set to be immersed in the company on many creative levels, from collections to advertising and business strategy”, according to G-star Reps. Well as of recently in a new campaign in an effort to promote and get the brand’s message across to shine a light on its essential elements this season, G-Star RAW presented the question, “What is RAW?” in a new series of videos. G-Star’s Fall/Winter 2016 campaign explains the stories of the brands upbringing , exploring its designers, detailing their philosophy, craft, and the roles they play to find answers.

Featuring G-Star’s new and innovative co-owner, who is also Head of Creativity, Pharrell Williams, the video series highlights and depicts the design process at the brand’s headquarters in Amsterdam. With an additional series of digital shorts telling the stories behind the brand’s product engineering process, obsession with 3D denim construction, commitment to maintainable novelty, and more.

Throughout the series, it then becomes clear that the real meaning of “RAW” is more of a personal romanticism that holds no definite definition, but instead, it’s rather expressed through the time, effort and craft throughout each designer’s product.

The FW16 G-Star RAW Collection is available now via G-Star Online.

Also, you can see more from Pharrell and G-Star with their “What is RAW?” campaign down below, check it out. Got to blast!

g-star-pharrell-raw-fw16-campaign-12-550x800 g-star-pharrell-raw-fw16-campaign-06-550x800 g-star-pharrell-raw-fw16-campaign-02-550x800

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