Being Mary Jane- “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

Being Mary Jane begins with a social discourse of Mary Jane and her peers, other Black female anchors on other networks. They discuss dating and how archaic the notion of marriage is. They tell MJ her things are working out with Cutty Buddy only because they are restricting things to sex. She feels inclined to believe them. As she prepares to leave for the night, Eddie (the guy she made out with in the club last episode) arrives. She ditches Nichelle to hang out with him for a repeat make out session. He tries to get her to go home with him, but she tells him she likes how things are between them. The next day, Cutty Buddy hits her up during a fitting. Her stylist advises her to give him just enough attention to not send mixed singles and how not to be a “lazy lay.”

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MJ discusses a puppy who saves its owner’s life on her show. When taping wraps she receives a text from Cutty Buddy and races to leave and hook up with him, much to Kara’s chagrin. While Kara is frustrated, MJ has great sex with Cutty Buddy. When they finish he begins to have a seizure in her bedroom. She stays up with him all night, but has reservations about continuing to see him, feeling it can overwhelm her with the other issues she is also dealing with. The ladies get an alert with images of Mark hooking up with a guy from the sex club. His penis is also exposed! MJ tries to comfort him, but he feels embarrassed. Greg offers to give him a raise if he will allow his show and persona to become a bridge to the LGBT community. Mark refuses, wanting to keep his show about foreign policy. Greg and SNC feel his sexuality will prevent from traveling abroad safely. Mark resigns!

being mary jane hey mikey atl

MJ and two guests discuss immigration reform on her show. Her Black female guest is surprised by the way the conversation went, thinking they would discuss issues relevant to them. MJ blames it on being in a primetime slot. Greg enlists MJ’s help in getting Mark back on the network. She is resistant at first,  but when she sees he needs her they make amends. That night, Marisol confronts Kara about her disdain for her. Kara admonishes her for using her sex appeal to advance her own career at the expense of their people. She tells her to use her brains and not her looks to make it. MJ and Mark discuss his life, but the latter refuses to discuss gay issues, wanting to be treated as a serious journalist. That night, MJ allows Cutty Buddy to come over, but she is hesitant to have sex with him, fearing another seizure. He tells her they started two months ago and he has to keep them a secret to make a new team. MJ tells him there are other things he can do, but he becomes angry and leaves, feeling she does not understand. Nichelle comes over and they dish about what is going on between her and Eddie and Cutty Buddy. Their girl talk goes over everything from a woman’s number of sexual partners and how tricky it is being single.

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Mark decides to return to SNC, but to go ahead to Nigeria without SNC’s blessing. MJ becomes angry with him for putting himself in danger. She feels they should leave “saving the world” to the next crop of journalist. She also tells him she is a B-List celebrity and well paid and happy with her life. Mark tells her the difference between the two of them is he will never sell out. Later that night, she returns to the club and meets up with Eddie.



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