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Being Mary Jane- “Hot Seat”

Being Mary Jane- “Hot Seat”

Being Mary Jane begins with our titular character fed up with not being allowed back on the air. She and Greg face off in his office about it. When he does not budge she warns him she will now have to make her own moves to get back on air. She goes to the Rainbow Coalition for help. In a meeting with Greg, they point out key issues they have with SNC’s treatment of her and warn Greg if she is not back on there air in three to six weeks they will have to alert the public. MJ becomes furious with their time frame and wanted them to fight for her to be back to work sooner. They tell her it will be a process, but she is not satisfied and tells the press outside she will be returning to the air on the upcoming Monday! She stops her donation to the Rainbow Coalition as well, much to Mark’s chagrin.

jill scott being mary jane hey mikey atl

At the Pattersons’ home, Helen begins to cough harshly while doing the dishes. Neicey tries to comfort her, but she says she is fine and not to go telling anyone. Patrick arrives with samples of new sodas for them to try out from his new job. Helen is proud to see him working so hard and honestly, but Neicey continues to have an attitude with him. She storms out of the kitchen angrily, and he confronts her. He reminds her that he is still her father and that just because she now works it does not mean she gets to be disrespectful. Neicey calls her mother to make sure she is still coming to visit. Kara calls MJ and tells her she needs to come in for a meeting with Greg about her statement. She refuses saying she does not want to see his “fat ass,” not knowing he was on the call as well. When MJ and Greg meets he reads out his documentation on how often she has been late and unprepared for work. She tells him she is always prepared and only went to the media because he was dragging his feet. He tells her she is a pain in his ass, but will be returning to the air that Monday! That night, MJ and Mark have drinks at her home to celebrate her return.

mark being mary jane hey mikey atl

Neicey spends time with her mother, Jackie and catches her up with what has been going on. She tells her mother how much she misses her and wishes they could talk more. They both agree to communicate more. Helen commends Jackie on her job as Nicki Minaj’s hairstylist. Jackie is surprised she is speaking to and acknowledging her. At work, Patrick is admonished by his boss for being behind schedule. MJ goes to a seedy club to meet with Mark for drinks, there she sees people having open sex and using drugs. There, she and Mark discuss sexual positions and the type of guys he likes. MJ spots a guy at the bar as they talk. Meanwhile, Mark talks to a guy he wants to hook up with. MJ returns to the air and discusses voting rights. In the middle of her broadcast, the teleprompter stops, forcing her to wing the remainder of the show til commercial break off her own knowledge of the subject. Everyone commends her for a great job. That night, she returns home and sees social media is happy with her return and new haircut. Elsewhere, Neicey and Jackie return home late from dinner. There, Patrick admonishes her for leaving his parents up too late with the children. She dismisses his concerns, but Jackie backs him up and tells her she has to be more responsible. She leaves angrily. Jackie suggests she and Patrick have dinner before she leaves to catch up.

eddie being mary jane hey mikey atl

Th next night, Jackie and Patrick meet at his house. They discuss their daughters and her life. She feels she messed them up and reveals she does Nicki Minaj’s dancers’ hair. Patrick consoles and kisses her. They end up having sex. Later that night, MJ she thinks about what Greg said about her and goes into work early. Later, Kara reveals MJ’s numbers have stabilized MJ, but the network is still last in primetime ratings. MJ is disheartened. Kara comforts her and tells her they are going out that night. MJ returns to the club she went to before with Mark, and waits for Kara, but she cancels citing food poisoning.  She ends up meeting the guy she spotted at the bar and makes out with him in the club. She returns home and smokes a cigar by the pool.

being mary jane hey mikey atl


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