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Being Mary Jane- “If The Shoe Fits”

Being Mary Jane- “If The Shoe Fits”

It’s Mary Jane’s birthday and the girl begins the latest episode of Being Mary Jane with some major splurging! First her stylist manages to find her the pink Berkin bag she has been looking for. She checks herself out with it on and finally decides to buy it for a whopping $30K! Then she buys her a new Tessler! Patrick calls to tell her their mother has had a flare up with her lupus and fell and bumped her head, but she was released from the hospital and is home resting. MJ, still feeling good, goes to visit her mother, but Patrick tells her she just went to sleep. There, MJ sees Patrick is making a double chocolate cake for Deja, which is her favorite and that PJ has flown in town from Los Angeles allegedly to check on their mother. She believes they have planned a surprise party for her and are only pretending they forgot her birthday. She promises to watch their mother overnight and return later.

mark being mary jane hey mikey atl

MJ drives past Mark’s house and finds it is up for sale. She tells him how angry she is with him for leaving, but understands why he is doing it and that she will miss him. At the mall, Neicy tries to sell a customer a designer flat iron. The girl feels they are too expensive, but comments that she should be doing hair. Neicy’s friends who also work at the mall invite her to lunch, but she tells them she has brought hers from home to save money. They poke fun at her clothing and tell her she should “work” the mall and use each other’s discounts to get clothing. At work Patrick takes a doughnut break where he and a few coworkers smash and snort pills that help them focus and up their energy. He attributes it to his recent success at work. At SNC, the crew brings MJ a cake and gifts for her birthday. One of them also informs her of the federal investigation into the company PJ is working at, accusing them of big rigging. Kara fixes her boys a snack and leaves them to their homework, feeling proud of balancing her work life and kids. Later, she shows Mark the package for his trip to Nigeria. She tells him to be careful, and he tells her how much he will miss her. That night, MJ shows Kara her new car and the two talk about her life.

pj patterson hey mikey atl

MJ returns to her parents’ home, there PJ tells her she is not needed to watch over their mother. She realizes her family really did forget her birthday and becomes upset. PJ apologizes for forgetting, and then receives a lecture from her about his business practices. She warns him there is already a federal investigation underway and he should get out before he becomes the company’s fall guy. He refuses, telling her he stand to make $25 million dollars from the deal and that money could be used to provide for the generations of Pattersons to come. She advises him there is no price on peace of mind. Upstairs, MJ bathes her mother and puts her to bed. Helen comments how she always wished she had danced in public and that now that her legs were not of much use she would not be able to. She advises her daughter to dance every time she has the chance and wishes her a happy birthday. Downstairs, Neicy and Paul return home. The former has spent half her check on clothes. MJ admonishes her for spending so frivolously even though she also bought her a birthday present. She leaves angrily, and MJ admonishes her father for making excuses for her. He tells her to stop punishing Neicey for her children and she reveals she had an abortion. She tells him she felt she did the responsible thing because she could not bare to look him in the face unwed and pregnant. He hugs her tightly.

Gabrielle Union hey mikey atl

MJ returns home to find Mark there with a cake for her. They sit on her table and blow out the candles. He tells her he loves her and how much he will miss her. They flashback to his farewell broadcast and toast at SNC, where he wishes his coworkers and MJ well. The two of them dance the night away.

being mary jane hey mikey atl


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