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Being Mary Jane- “Lines In The Sand”

Being Mary Jane- “Lines In The Sand”

Being Mary Jane dishes some major information in its starting scene as Mary Jane (MJ) interviews a survivor of sex trafficking who is also helping others. SNC is nominated for three Emmy Awards, but MJ’s show receives low ratings. Greg discusses the ratings with Kara and MJ and wants a plan of action to reach larger advertisers. At the producers’ meeting everyone brainstorms new ideas for her show but each one is shot down. She suggests a twists on her “Ugly Black Woman” story, but Kara feels it is too dated.  That night MJ goes to visit Valerie hoping they can celebrate her award nomination together. Valerie turns her down and they discuss Xanex as option to deal with her stress. She refuses and decides to go home to party alone. Valerie checks on her via text and she replies she is fine while getting ate out by one of her sex buddies.


MJ discusses her show with her sex buddy but he does not get the logistics of the show. When she discusses her show issues with her father she learns he has not watched her show, but likes how she has re-branded it. Helen warns her against playing the race card and that it could cost her, her show. Patrick continues to care for Deja and tries to do her hair, he learns from Tracy’s mother that she has been locked up for shoplifting. She then asks Patrick for money that she loaned Tracy the week before. He opts to give her part of it and the rest later to avoid borrowing it from his parents. At SNC, Greg discusses MJ and her show with Kara. He tells her he does not understand why Black people complain so much. Kara ignores him, but keeps her distance from MJ who is beginning to wonder if she has made the right decision with her show. Patrick’s car breaks down and he is late getting his daughter to school. There, the prinicpal reveals Deja’s lunch account is five months past due with a balance of $487.50. He promises to pay the balance soon.

Being Mary Jane

MJ goes shopping and steals a parking spot from a white man who was not paying attention. He calls her a black bitch and ugly monkey and then speeds off. MJ goes shopping and then breaks down at home. Valerie comes over to visit her and together they discuss why she has issues with everyone in her life. She feels as long as everyone is going through something they need her. Tracy gets in touch with Patrick and asks him to bail her out, he in turn gets the money from his sister and promises to pay her back. On Talk Back, MJ invites a panel on to have a discussion about the beauty of Black women. They feel Black men did not do enough to defend Black women. Meanwhile, Kara and Greg do not seem to happy with her content. Patrick goes to visit Tracy, but decides against using the money to bail her out. He pays Deja’s lunch bill instead. Later, Sheldon invites her out for dinner at Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar.



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