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Being Mary Jane- “Pulling The Trigger”

Being Mary Jane- “Pulling The Trigger”

Being Mary Jane  begins on a tense note as a man threatens to kill himself in his car while holding up a note saying, “I am being surveilled!” Mary Jane (MJ) and the rest of the SNC staff monitor the situation closely. At home she gives herself another fertility injection and heads to work, only to be stopped by David. He wants her to be a listening ear as he discusses hs relationship issues. He tells her he feels trapped and ask her to tell him that it is not too late for them. She tells him she cannot and asks him to move his car so she can get to work. At SNC, MJ  pitches an angle on suicide and successful Black men. She receives a call from Sheldon with information that could change the outcome of the suicide watch, but he demands to remain anonymous. MJ shares the information that the man in the car suffers from schizophrenia and has recently begun treatment. Suddenly the man kills himself on television!


MJ goes to Sheldon’s house for an interview dinner, there he offers etouffe and wine. They discuss the pressures of being Black and successful as he elaborates on the plight of Black men being forced onto ledges based on the undo pressures placed on them. He feels they are more persecuted and discriminated against more than any demographic, including Black women. MJ completely disagrees with him and tells him that Black men have even smothered Black women. She breaks down the plight of single, successful Black women in numbers of accolades. He tells her she is sexy and then explains she is the best person in the world to share his story with. She asks to use his bathroom and removes her panties. She then calls her doctor’s office to tell them she has had a massive orgasm unexpectedly. They explain it is natural and she washes her panties in his sink and returns to her conversation with him.


Kara runs into Gael. Sheldon gives MJ everything she needs for her story, revealing it is his. He is upset nothing has changed at the law firm he initially worked at. Sheldon asks her if she is seeing someone and tells her when he returns to the country in a few days he would like to discuss them seeing one another. She tells him it is something she looks forward to. MJ reads over the files on the USB drive Sheldon gave her belonging to the suicide victim (Brian Ellis). She immediately goes to see Patrick and tells him she is there for him. MJ goes onto SNC and reveals the law firm Brian Ellis worked for dismissed his issues and were the cause of his suicide. Kara questions MJ’s reporting and they face off over keeping knowledge from one another. MJ’s friend, Val calls to tell her she believes something is awry with Lisa. Val beats MJ there and gets her to rest. They discuss if she may be a danger to herself and getting her some help. Gael and Kara reconnect. Val and MJ discuss Lisa’s condition and she overhears them. She berates MJ about the inequalities of their lives, prompting the latter to try and leave. MJ refuses coddle her and leaves. At dinner, Gael and Kara discuss their philosophies on life. MJ invites David over to her home and asks him to give her a baby. They have sex as her ovulation peaks.




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