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Being Mary Jane – “Sex In The City”

Being Mary Jane – “Sex In The City”

Season 4 of Being Mary Jane begins with our girl in a new city, a new job, and a complicated love life!

Mary Jane  (MJ) arrives at a restaurant to meet with a matchmaker, feeling a professional may be able to find her the husband she desires. The matchmaker, however, does not feel like MJ should be trying to date after such a big move from Atlanta to New York City, and should try her again in three to four months. MJ insists she is ready for love and to date so the matchmaker reconsiders. Later, MJ meets with Cara for a drink at a club. There, they scope out the scene and men. One, who realizes who she is, approaches her but she turns him down. Cara tries to get her to talk to him,  but she tells her she is looking for a one night stand with a guy because the next day her contract with the matchmaker kicks in and she has to be celibate.

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Cara, however, spots a younger guy checking her out and after a little prompting from MJ leaves the club with the guy. MJ spots a guy checking her out and decides to talk to him. They begin to flirt, but she does not tell him her name. He calls himself “London,” (Chike Okonkwo) and she invites him back to her hotel room. There, she tries to play coy, but calls Cara when she gets nervous about randomly hooking up with London. Cara does not answer, so she decides to go through with it. They begin to get hot and heavy, but he senses she does not want to. He stops and tells her he only wants to do what she wants to do. She tells him to tell her he loves her–and he does. They have sex. The next morning Mary Jane starts her new job as a correspondent for Good Day USA. She immediately becomes nervous, recalling she was forced to resign by SNC due to her tirade against the police after Neicey was attacked. Cara tells her now is the time for new beginnings for both of them and encourages her to move forward. MJ perks up and goes outside to liven up the crowd.

patrick patterson

She does a great job and when she comes inside she watches as the anchor, Ronda Sales (Valarie Pettiford), interviews a guest. MJ reveals she has studied her for years to do her own interviews. She gives Cara a tip to assist with Ronda’s interview and she takes it on air, making the interview even better. Ronda thanks Cara for the assist, but the latter tells her it was all MJ and introduces them. Ronda takes a liking to MJ and offers her hairdresser, Ryan, to her. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Neicey wants to put her police altercation behind her, while Patrick prepares another statement from their family to the press. London shows up during MJ’s segment and gives her his real name, Lee Truitt, and contact info. MJ tells him she was only looking for a one night stand and will not be calling him. Cara becomes curious when their supervisor, Garrett, becomes interested in MJ and pokes Ryan for info. She bribes him with a trip for him and husband. He reveals Ronda’s contract is up and they may be looking to replace her with MJ. MJ and Cara play it cool when Garrett invites her to lunch.

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Elsewhere, Patrick reads his statement to his family–and it is beautifully written—revealing the hardships the Pattersons have endured because of it, but that it has brought them all closer together. Neicey hugs him tightly. Ronda calls MJ in her office to talk, there she reveals she knows what is being offered to her and that they are doing it for ratings to pit an older anchor against a younger, budding correspondent. She tells MJ that her contract will be renewed for another five years, and they will put her back as a correspondent and vaguely make her a promise of the future. MJ does not believe her at first until Garrett does exactly what Ronda warned. That night she runs into Lee doing comedy at a club, they decide to go for dancing at a reggae club and later that night hook up again.  MJ leaves him in her bed and heads to work. That night she is invited to drinks with by her coworkers and receives a call from the matchmaker. She tells MJ she cannot work with her after all, as her test reveals a few red flags that would prevent her from being matched. She suggests she work on herself and through her issues.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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