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Being Mary Jane- “Wake Up Call”

Being Mary Jane- “Wake Up Call”

Being Mary Jane begins with The Pattersons spending some quality time together via a cookout at Mary Jane’s (MJ) house. MJ and Helen make the dressing for the salad, Neicey watches her children and sister, and Patrick and Paul discuss the latter’s recent successful sale at work. During dinner Neicey announces she is looking for a car to buy, but MJ advises her to save her money instead. Paul agrees with his daughter, but offers to buy her a car. The entire family advises him against it, reminding him he is on a fixed income. MJ tries to teach her family about communal savings and how she was able to buy her new car. However, they admonish her about her own extravagant spending. That night they have fun in her pool. The next day MJ attends a lecture for journalist at the AUC. She teaches them about branding and the power of bad news and gossip in journalism. One student, however, accuses her of selling out to get on prime time.

Gabrielle Union hey mikey atl

MJ signs autographs as she leaves the AUC and later goes to CeCe’s bookstore. There she finds her hosting an author who speaks about the plight of racism and white supremacy against young Black boys. CeCe feels these young boys should be addressed as, and treated as young boys. The author advises them to bring culture to their young boys by educating them with the right tools. Later, MJ gives CeCe her final “payment” and asks her does she consider her to be a sell out. CeCe tells her she believes she misses the freedom she had on Talk Back and is trying to figure out how to get back there. MJ tells her that her Black stories are the lowest rated, but agrees she is right. That night she does a story about a dog needing to be adopted.

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Later that night, Eddie arrives to visit MJ. She makes him take a rapid HIV test and pricks his finger to test his blood, before having hors d’oeuvres and making out. Still later, they end up having sex by her pool. She takes a picture of him after he falls asleep and sends it to Kara–who unsurprisingly approves. The next day MJ reveals to her that Eddie was the first White guy she has ever been in and that he enjoys oral. When she returns home she finds CeCe waiting there for her and offers her new advice, to “not tear down to build.” She advises her to have prime time and Talk Back because their people need to see winners in all walks of life. MJ observes the new host of Talk Back’s interview and goes to Greg to get it back and revamp it and Mark’s old time slot to cash in on ratings from Black viewers. Later, Kara finds her working late and learns her plans. She supports her, but tells her she cannot take on another show and be there for her kids too. She encourages MJ to produce the show and really be sure that is what she wants to do. Elsewhere, Patrick has a family dinner with Deja and Tracy. She notices how much energy he has and tells him she is clean and getting out of the halfway house. He tells her they will never be back together, but can co-parent. She leaves angrily.

patrick patterson being mary jane hey mikey atl

Tracy goes to see MJ and accuses him of using drugs, saying she recognized the signs he is using. MJ demands she leaves, telling her that she knows her brother and he has recovered. That night MJ confronts Patrick about his drug use and surprises him with an intervention that includes their parents. Paul admonishes his son for his continued drug use and tells him he they are keeping Deja from him until he gets his life together. Patrick leaves angrily, blaming MJ for the entire mishap.


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