“Being Mary Jane!”A New Episode & A New “Gorgeous Guy!” Things are Finally Looking up for Mary Jane!

Greetings fellow Being Mary Jane fans! As you know our titular character has been through a lot in this third season. Not only is her job and career threatened, but she is being extorted, and lost her best friend to suicide. Being Mary Jane Paul has been very hard, and not a position most of us have envied over these last few episodes. Thankfully, Mara Brock Akil, the creator of the show, saw fit to add a silver lining to the overwhelmingly ominous dark cloud over MJ’s life and is adding some romance to it. Yep, MJ finally has a new boo, and he’s not what you would expect.

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Meet James Lee Taylor, soon to be known as, Eddie, the “Gorgeous Guy,” as MJ and her crew will dub him in tonight’s new episode. Eddie comes in MJ’s life at a time where she might not necessarily need a man in her life, but does need to be loved as is. Sure you might argue she has “Cuddy Buddy,” but good sex is not romance, or the kind of ethereal stuff that leads to a fulfilling romance. This displaced British heartthrob meets our girl in a club and the passion goes from there. “It’s like they have an instant connection. It is definitely going to be different to see her with him, and I’m hoping the audience really embraces him [Eddie.]”

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There’s nothing wrong with a little vanilla in coffee. With MJ’s batting averages nicknamed David, Shelldon, and Andre, she definitely can’t do any worst! Be sure you catch James tonight in his debut episode at 10 PM EST only on BET’s Being Mary Jane and check out his feature in an upcoming issue of Kontrol Magazine!

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James Lee Taylor 

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