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HERGIVENHAIR is a natural hair brand that has taken over your social media! The company was created in 2015 their goal was to change the look without changing themselves. HERGIVENHAIR states “We are blessed with our beautiful natural textured hair at birth. It’s beautiful. It makes us laugh, it makes us mad, but it is OURS. We at Her Given Hair embrace all natural hair textures and understand that there is more than one type of natural hair, which is why we have three different textures of natural hair in our product line.”


Hergivenhair textures from kinky, coily, curly

The natural hair line provides textures from Kinky (4b-4c), Coily (3c-4a), to Curly (3b-3c). These textures also come in two amazing ways, weft or clip-in. They provided unforgettable lengths from 12 inches to 24 inches. The textured hair is made to blend with your natural hair to elongate your curls. So say BYE BYE to shrinkage, and HELLO to a soft, bouncy, lightweight, and head full of curls! It’s only recommended to use two bundles of hair for a full head. Each bundle weighs approximately 3.5oz (100 grams).

Youtube Hergivenhair searchesYou can catch several reviews on this brand, in which they help you install, style, and revamp your hair. HAIRGIVENHAIR states “Our goal is to ensure you always feel comfortable with our hair products in your hair. We hope you enjoy your products, and we Hergivenhair tryon and demostrationencourage you to be you, be yourself, and be given.” They also stated, “We love natural hair because we admire the will of women to be different in a world where so many people are the same. At the same time, we are able to appreciate that every woman cannot be boxed in one category. This is why we strive to provide different products for different women; not only hair that matches your hair texture, but hair products that actually match your personality.” Check out more at Hergivenhair.com

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