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The Best Man is Back…The Essential Need For a Classic Black Film!

It’s been 15 years since the original The Best Man hit movie theaters and would later go in history as one of the best black films of all time, illustrating a colorful ensemble cast of leading actors and actresses including Taye Diggs, who stars as Harper Stewart, the best selling author whose scandalous work of art imitating life put his relationship with best friend, Lance Sullivan, played by Morris Chestnut, on the edge…literally!

Director/writer Malcolm D. Lee, who’s also wrote such films as Roll Bounce and the recent parody comedy, Scary Movie 5, also brings back to the set actress Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall, Melissa De Sousa, Monica Calhoun; as well as acclaimed actor Terrence Howard and Harold Perrineau. New fans of the film, titled Best Man Holiday, would think that there had only been less than a five year gap between the first film and the latest. However, this talented group of actors, all over forty, show that with age comes classic beauty.

Set in Toronto, Holiday, was filmed this passed April in 8 work-filled weeks. The group clicked like no time had parted them, bonding and even making bets on who could promote the sequel through social media the best. Sanaa Lathan being the winner, gave exclusive photos via Twitter and Instagram onset, explaining in the latest issue of Ebony how she was catering to her shopaholic tendencies, the prize being five hundred dollars for every win. The film continues the dynamic story of these nine men and women, some struggling with more secrets and estranged friendships. There’s birth, love, friendships, romance, laughs, tragedy, and even a spectacular dance sequence featuring the male actors to old school classic hit, Can you Stand The Rain by New Edition.

            One would think with the great success of The Best Man, studios would have been raving to green light a sequel. Director Malcolm D. Lee revealed the grind and commitment he needed from not only himself but his famous group of actors to show Universal Studios how essential this film was. The studio wanted to see if the magic between the cast members was still there, how did they bond, what was their appearance; everything was essential and well planned out. The first movie brought in an incredible $45 million dollars on its opening weekend.

Lee has emphasized the importance of viewing Holiday as soon as it is released. Yet, with an all star cast and the incredible promo, The Best Man Holiday should warm the hearts of new and old fans, who once before related to a story about career oriented, and some times, dysfunctional friends ,who just so happen to be people of color. Go see The Best Man Holiday when it hits theaters November 15th.




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