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Best Places to Find Videos on the Internet

Best Places to Find Videos on the Internet

Internet users have obsessed over online videos for about as long as the internet has existed. We all have a favorite viral video, and studies show that we tend to pause on social media posts that have videos playing. Videos have played a key role in the internet’s history, and as more and more media outlets, individuals, and other internet stakeholders shift to video communication, they are poised to become even more important to its future.


A few major video streaming platforms dominate our viral video intake, while social media sites allow us to create our own. But there are so many more ways to find great videos on the internet, and users deserve the most diverse search experience possible.To that end, here are a few suggestions for places to find videos on the internet.


Best platform for viral videos: Petey Vid


If your friend showed you a viral video on their phone and you want to find it to watch again or share later, you’re going to want to check out Petey Vid. Petey Vid is particularly useful for those looking for the latest viral posts or memes, as it allows its users to search for videos across multiple sites, including Instagram and Facebook with hashtags.


“In the early stages of the idea of creating a new video search engine, users told me they had forgotten about all the various platforms (other than YouTube) out there,” explains Craig J. Stadler, Petey Vid’s founder. “So I knew it was time to develop something to provide the variety of video sources users wanted.”


YouTube is great, but Petey Vid helps users find videos from many other sites. “We want to provide users with something different, a level playing field that’s more diverse,” Stadler says. Especially impressive is the presence of videos from social media platforms like Facebook. Users can find videos using hashtags. Hashtags are the preferred content markets of social media, of course, which is part of why Petey Vid is such a powerful option for social media videos.


Unlike other video search engines, Petey Vid doesn’t store users’ search histories. So you can spend hours scrolling through viral cat videos without worrying about privacy concerns or your embarrassing search history.


Best platform for movie streaming: Netflix


Viral videos can be everywhere, from Facebook to dedicated user-generated video sites like DailyMotion. You can use Petey Vid to search those platforms and others. But what about videos made by the pros — things like Hollywood movies and prestige TV shows?


Well, you probably already know where to find those. Our pick for the best video platform for movies and TV shows is none other than the original movie and TV show streaming platform, Netflix. Since its 2007 streaming debut, Netflix has proven that it is the very best platform for professionally-made entertainment content.


Netflix has plenty of competitors, of course, including HBO Now, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. All are worthy choices, and if you can afford them all, more power to you — the rest of us, though, will be completely satisfied with our dear Netflix subscription.


Best platform for apartment rentals: Turbo Tenant


A video site for apartment searches? Yep, you read that right. In addition to allowing landlords to set up their postings with photos, a free rental application, and other perks, landlord software site Turbo Tenant offers its users the ability to post videos that show-off their properties in the best possible light.


And that’s great news for both would-be tenants and apartment hunters alike. Since the vast majority of us now begin our searches for our next homes online, it makes sense that sites like Turbo Tenant are finding ways to improve that experience. Videos are a particularly-welcome innovation because they allow us to take virtual tours of potential future homes. That can save time and help to avoid letdowns when we show up for in-person showings. A thorough video may even be able to eliminate the need for an in-person showing altogether.


Video is revolutionizing the internet in so many ways. Whether you’re looking for viral videos, your favorite TV shows, or even a new home, don’t be afraid to venture out and try these video platforms. They just might become your new favorites.


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