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Best/Worst Trends in Men’s Fashion for 2015

Best/Worst Trends in Men’s Fashion for 2015

As the year comes to an end 2015 was filled with lots of trends that made a huge impact on men’s fashion. Social media also took part in the spread of trends as well, from the comeback of gentlemen’s wear thanks to new artist Jidena to the evolution of street wear by Kanye’s Yeezy collection, 2015 has brought a lot of hope to men’s fashion. However! There are some trends that need to stay in 2015 as we move on into the New Year, here’s a list of a few trends that have made their mark in 2015 and some that just need to go away.

Men’s Uggs

uggs men kontrolmag

Uggs have surely made waves onto the feet of many guys in 2015 contradicting the many claims from us men on how much we hate our girls wearing them and now we are too. Guys please do all of us a favor and leave these fuzzy boots to the girls, there are many alternatives to the comfortable boot “thankfully!” Like sneaker boots. Nike created a comfortable sneaker boot under Nike Max 90 which would make an appropriate and comfortable alternative to the winter terrain fuzzy boot.

Evolution of Streetwear

Yeezy season 1 Kontrol mag 8

Thanks to Yeezus himself Kanye’s take on streetwear has evolved the style from graphic tees, snapbacks and Jordan’s to an apocalyptic urban fashion forward bohemian movement. The evolution of streetwear in men’s fashion was made evident this past year primarily due to the highly anticipated Yeezy Collection. Kanye introduced the Yeezy collection in early 2015 giving his take on a more up to date style on streetwear. Also in collaboration with Adidas Kanye definitely made his mark this year in men’s fashion giving the world a whole new take on streetwear fashion.

Lumber Jack Beards

beards kontrol mag

According to fashionbeans.com it is high time that we put the big lumberjack beards to rest you guys. The ever so popular hashtag no shave November or should I say no shave 2015 has reached its peak. Aside from the googly eye stares you may get from interested girls from time to time the long unkempt beards are starting to be seen as unprofessional and just overall unnecessary. So for 2016 guys go ahead and set your appointment up with your barber and lets start off the new year with a clean shave and new look.

Tonal looks

tonal kontrolmag

Tonal looks have made a huge splash this past year in gentlemen’s wear and men’s fashion. Warm tonal clothing, dressing in shades of just one color has become a big trend in 2015. Mixing textures while keeping the same color scheme gives off a balanced fashion forward look. Color patterns like military green or a navy blue will make a subtle yet strong impact on your style along with an offset black or brown round toe shoe or Chelsea boot. The tonal look trend is definitely a highlight of 2015 and will sure to make its way into the New Year.

Honorable Mention:

Shaggy High-top Fade/Man bun- X

Denim on Denim- 

Adidas Joggers- X

Top Hat- 


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