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BET Soul Train Awards 2017: 17 Red Carpet Looks

You be the judge of the 17 Hottest and Horrendous Red Carpet Looks

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BET’s Soul Train Awards is one of the most entertaining award ceremonies.  It highlights the best artists from the past and present in the genres of: Soul, R&B, and even Hip Hop. This year marks the 30th anniversary for the award show since it premiered in 1987. As well as, the 3rd year for Erykah Badu to host. With special honorees for SWV, ‘The Lady of Soul’ award, and Toni Braxton, ‘The Legend’ award, this year is sure to be more than momentous. You can expect to catch the ceremony in entirety on Nov. 26th through BET and BET HER networks. However, you can see some of the best and worst looks right NOW.

Every year BET gives us several ways to celebrate true iconic talent. And every year we’re able to see whether or not that talent transfers onto the red carpet.

In result, here are 17 looks from BET’s Soul Train Awards 2017 Red Carpet. You be the judge.

1. Erykah Badu knows how to steal the show and keep all eyes on her.

1.Erykah Badu.1 1
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2. Tamar Braxton gives us ‘Love and War’ with this beautiful look, and striking hairpiece.

2. Tamar Braxton.1 1
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3. Of course, Sevyn Streeter ‘Won’t Stop’ or kill the fun with her bronzy and simplistic look.

3. Sevyn Streeter.1 1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

4. Method Man is truly a classic man.

4. Method Man.1
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5. Lalah Hathaway looks colorful and exuberant in her jumpsuit that could pay homage to this year’s host, Erykah Badu.

5. LalahHathaway.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

6. Luke James in all his #BlackBoyJoy and white.

6. Luke James.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

7. Tank and Zena are complimentary #CoupleGoals

7. Tank and Zena.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

8. George Clinton gets a ‘Double Oh-Oh’ for originality with this atomic look!

8. George Clinton.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

9. Lil Rel is giving us the blues. Literally.

9. Lil Rel.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

10. Above all, Raven Goodwin shows us that you can slay outside of a size 4.

10. Raven Goodwin.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

11. Of course, if you love Nicci Gilbert, then this look is undeniable.

11. Nicci Gilbert.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

12. BET’s CEO Debra Lee and Head of Programming Connie Orlando show us that when in doubt, “bet” black.

12. CEO Debra Lee and Head of Programming Connie Orlando.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

13. Robert Christopher Riley and Demetria McKinney show us how fickle velvet can be with 1 look but 2 different results.

13. Robert Christopher Riley and Demetria McKinney.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

14. These looks from SWV have us ‘WEAK!’

14. SWV.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

15. Teddy Riley’s feathers are the ‘No Diggity’ to his entire look.

15. Teddy Riley.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

16. Kehlani is more than a ‘Distraction’ in her black mesh.

16. Kehlani.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

17. Obviously, Ro James doesn’t need anyone’s ‘Permission’ for this ‘Eldorado’ look.

17. RoJames.1
(Photo Credit: Kontrol Magazine/

You were the judge. Did these celebrities’ style represent their talent on the Red Carpet?What were some of your favorite and least favorite looks? Comment below and share the looks that are the hottest and most horrendous in your opinion. Don’t forget to tune in Nov. 26th on either BET or BET HER to catch these looks in action. As well as, to see their awesome performances and chances of winning awards for their God given talents.

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