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BET’s The Game – Premiere Recap

BET’s The Game – Premiere Recap

The season seven premiere of The Game was well, simply put, a hot mess. It was terrible! It was so terrible, that it was hilariously genius. Although I shook my head in disgust for coonery and ignorance a few times, I actually left feeling satisfied with the season opener. This is clearly a different show from the one that we all enjoyed watching on The CW, but there is nothing like laughing at Tasha’s and Malik’s hood “Richmond” antics, Jason’s sarcasm and Chardonnay’s…well Chardonnay is just crazy!

Last season ended with Malik being told that he may never play football again, due to injuries he suffered after being in an altercation with Franco, a cheesy “gangster” rapper, and also the “baby daddy” of Malik’s former assistant. As expected, Malik is spiraling out of control, dealing with the reality that he may never play the game he loves again. Jason and Chardonnay go to see Malik and they see just how miserable he really is. Jason, in the midst of his retirement, is preparing for the ceremony in his honor. He asks Malik to introduce him and after he declines, Chardonnay stays behind and gives Malik a pep talk, the only way she knows how – blunt and honest. Malik does in fact show up to introduce Jason, but turns his speech into a public rant of why people should not feel sorry for him and how great he’s doing without football. As Jason approaches the stage to give his speech, he is approached by a reporter that accuses him of taking steroids during the same season we all know that Jason actually took steroids during. Although nervous, Jason still manages to make an amazing speech and later finds out that his former teammate is the one that leaked the information.

Tasha Mack of course brings all the craziness we love to hate.As the show opens, Tasha is getting Botox. She spends most of the episode thinking she is going through menopause, hence the need for Botox, in order to make sure she stays young. After throwing up in the bathroom and explaining her symptoms to Chardonnay, they both realize that she is actually pregnant. After she snaps back into reality, she later comes to Malik’s rescue, revealing to him that she is pregnant and convincing him not to retaliate against Franco, even after he released a song and video, making fun of Malik’s injuries.

Lastly, we have to discuss this “Bleira” situation. And yes, apparently, this is the official name of the cat and mouse couple, Blue and Keira. The show opens with the two in the elevator, awkwardly exchanging advances. They are both heading to attend Jason’s ceremony, but not together. We soon learn that the two have not reconciled and that although Keirabroke up with Blue, she regrets her decision and desperately wants him back. Keira attempts to reel him back in at the ceremony, but then realizes he is actually on a date. After an attempt to embarrass him and his date, she realizes that he has moved on and is the one left embarrassed. She later catches Blue and his date having sex in the bathroom and after she storms out, of course he chases her. He takes her keys, due to the fact that she is belligerent and drunk and says that he will take her home. Keira then summons the police that are conveniently standing nearby, and completely unrealistically, Blue and the police officer get into an altercation. Blue is arrested and Keira runs away as if she had no part in the chaos. The season indeed opened up with so much drama, it was hard to turn away.

With so much already going on, it will be amazing to see what happens once Kelly Pitts returns. Unfortunately, I’m hooked! And I’ll be here every week, giving you all deets all season long!

See the cast below as they got together last night to watch the premiere together



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