Beyoncé Does Damage KONTROL

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Written By: Whitney J.

While you were sleeping, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was doing damage KONTROL! Just as the buzz of Solange deleting all of her big sister’s pictures from her Instagram account hit the fan, Mrs. Carter gave you Stans something else to talk, tweet and post about. Beyoncé took to Instagram to Instagram to post four pictures of her and her sister Solange! Reading through comments on her page, there are very mixed emotions coming from her followers about her posting the pictures. One thing is for sure, The Knowles/Carter family has definitely sent the world on an emotional rollercoaster all in three days. At this point we are all just as confused as the next person and would pay good money just to know what was going on that led up to the fiasco in the elevator. yonce6   (Continue reading for a snapshot of Beyonce’s Instagram account)

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