Beyonce & Jay-Z DETHRONED! Check out Forbes Magazine New Highest Paid Couple!

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Forbes Magazine royalty has officially been dethroned! That’s right, Jay-Z and Beyonce are no longer the most powerful power couple! This comes as a bit of a surprise considering that these two bat their eye lashes and make millions of dollars. Beyonce has music, clothing, appearances, and a Marvel movie in the works; whereas her hubby has his own music, Tidal, multiple companies, and a new clothing line. So the big question is, who or what could topple this megastar couple? Well their names are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris!


You read right Taylor and Calvin topped Forbes’ list of the most powerful power couples. They made an astounding $146 million dollars in the last year, while The Carters only made $110 million dollars. Swift’s last album 1989, was the best seller of 2014 and she has endorsements with Diet Coke, Keds and Sony; and Harris has Giorgio Armani and Sol Republic headphones. We definitely know Taylor Swift has no problem with handling her business, after all with a simple blog post she brought Apple to its knees!

Calm down Beyhive, at the end of the day Beyonce and Jay-Z are still, well, Beyonce and Jay-Z! There’s always next year!

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