Beyoncé and Jay Z Headed for Divorce?

Written By: Whitney J.

Since the infamous elevator fight that involved Jay Z and his wife, Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, rumors have been circulating of a split in the Carter’s home. Recently, Beyoncé has been seen in pictures without an important piece of jewelry on her ring finger.  Could this mean that the Carter’s are actually “On the Run” from each other? I surely hope not.


It has been rumored that Jay Z may have stepped out on Houston’s own Beyoncé and has led them to the road of divorce. I wonder if this is the reason why she was so “Jealous” and stating that he was “No Angel” in her last album. Could this have been a prelude to the divorce? A little glimpse into what is normally Beyoncé’s private life? I mean she did deem it necessary to have the words of “Mine” seem to be letting Jay Z know that “you’re mine”!  Beyoncé seems to have been trained her whole life to keep the private life just that… PRIVATE! So it would be all too much for her to let the world in on this family business. It amazes me how she is able to keep it together, with a poker face, as she endures whatever she is going through at the time.

Beyonce Knowles,  Jay-Z

Ladies this just goes to show that you can be a Beyoncé and still go through some craziness in a relationship. Never think that you are the reason and cause for some man’s foolishness. You are only responsible for your actions in the relationship and what you allow to happen. Just make sure you have a Solange on your team to get him together when he starts smelling himself and tries to take his “Rocket” elsewhere.