Beyoncé & Jay-Z Touring Side-By-Side Summer 2014

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Can we say a dream come true! What everyone has been anticipating for over a decade now, and the moment has finally arrived. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are rumored to be hitting the road together on a 20-stadium tour for summer 2014. The “Drunk In Love”, “Crazy In Love”,  and “Dangerously In Love” couple are about to make the world hit a frenzy if the reports are true. After just spending a memorable weekend at Coachella it seems as though all was peaceful in the Carter household, but now they’re gearing up to work even harder than before.


Apparently, the 20-stadium tour is expected to begin in June and hit NYC for the Independence Day celebrations. Fans are already buzzing about the news and this will truly be a moment in history once confirmed. Next we’ll be hearing that Blue Ivy is joining them on stage to perform too. Quite frankly we’ll be prepared to seeing people passing out at the sight of her performing “Blue” alongside her mother. The lesson in all of this simply lies in never to doubt the Carters. (Not that we did before)


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