It’s Over: Beyonce Calls it Quits with her man!

Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that Beyonce has left her main man. The internet is buzzing about Beyonce breaking it off with manager Faisal Durrani. But sources say it is not true; that King Bey has been without a manger for years now and that she has been able to manage herself while steadily maintaining the title of the biggest pop star in the world.
Rumblings about hubby Jay Z managing Bey have also surfaced, but they have also been struck down as rubbish. Beyonce has always been about women empowerment; with her full female band and plethora of female dancers, it would be a bit hypocritical to have a man oversee the most critical position in an artist’s development; management.
You may recall a few years ago when Beyonce fired her father Matthew Knowles and took over managing her own career. A mound of family problems plagued the two after reports surfaced of her father stealing money from the star and fathering an illegitimate child while still married to her mother Tina Knowles. Since then, Matthew has remained under the radar, and Beyonce is still dominating the world as Queen Bey. Doesn’t look like her reign will let up anytime soon!

Lisa Persons

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