Restaurant Review: Big Chics Southern Food

Crispy Chicken Breast Strips

For the love of CHICKEN STRIPS!

If I’m correct, chicken strips are a go to for kids and adults. Well, I had the pleasure of satisfying my craving by enjoying a chicken strip meal from “Big Chics.”

Now, I’ve never heard of this business since I moved to Georgia, and I must say I enjoyed my meal. First off, let me warn you before you go, there are specific expectations. If you are looking to have some decency with this meal, go ahead and pass it on by. This is a gut wrenching, southern fried type of meal. You’ll definitely be prepared to take a nap or two if you aren’t careful.

Unfortunately, the reviews on the customer service are not all 5-star ratings, but I can admit it is just like your average chicken joint that you grab and go. It’s not anything dainty but affordable, big portions and it’s just good! I purchased the 4-piece chicken strip basket with a side of onions rings and a good ole sweet tea.

The food was greasy though.

Although your meal is packed with liners, you’ll need a few extra napkins to be safe. I was prepared for this only because I wasn’t thinking about my calories. Seriously, I saw my coworker eating these huge chicken strips and made up my mind that I would get some immediately. Once I sunk my teeth into them, I was quite happy. They were overly filling and satisfying to the point I couldn’t even eat them all. I guess we can say this was my mini cheat meal.

Big Chic’s Southern Food

Big Chic’s Chicken Sandwich: TripAdvisor

This company serves many areas throughout South Georgia. The location I purchased from was 103 Patrol Road, Forsyth, GA 31029. Although they don’t have a website set up, you can call your preferred location to place an order, or get more information about the establishment.

Their hours of operations are 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Lastly, if you live near Jackson, GA take advantage of this offer below:

Big Chic Fried Chicken
Photo: Christians In Business

Again, if you’re looking for something quick on your lunch break, go for it. It’s just like your everyday fast food eatery. Check it out and enjoy!

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