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Big Chop Diaries: What do I do with my TWA??

Big Chop Diaries: What do I do with my TWA??

So you’ve decided to BIG CHOP, and now you’re left with a TWA! “Aaahhh what was I thinking?”

Well, first and foremost.. Breathe. All will be well, I promise. Lets first go back to the drawing board, you Big Chopped for a reason. Hmm…. maybe hair damage, wanted a new look, or you just wanted to be apart of the *throws fist up* whole #NaturalHairMovement. If I’ve listed one or all of the reasons that you’ve decided to Big Chop, then keep your mind focused on that reason. In the Natural Hair community, we call the little bitty fro that you now have, a TWA (teenie weenie afro). This TWA phase will either be the best hair move you have ever made or have you scrambling to figure out how you can get a wig, PRONTO!

Why after you Big Chop is your hair called a TWA?

Big chop, TWA, Natural hair
Big Chop: Honey Blonde TWA

When a women decides that she wants to feel free or that she wants to feel “Liberated”  OR some like to go as far as saying, “a woman only cuts her hair off when she is going through something”, well whatever the reason, when she experiences those feelings she typically will cut it all off AKA Big chop. Afterwards… she is usually left with either a faded haircut or a mini afro.

The ways to rock your TWA are endless and rather very fun! Oh.. and if you weren’t warned, *Whispers* you are about to become a product junky… but that’s for another time. The time is NOW to embrace this new YOU! I hope that while you were sitting in your barber’s chair or standing in front of your mirror at home… about to chop it all off, that you’d already watched countless YouTube videos on how you would be able rock your new look. If not, I have you covered with four ways to rock your TWA and feel confident.

*Presses Rewind Button* When you watch natural hair YouTube videos you are bound to get that itching feeling to run to your nearest Target or Walgreens. So, if the shoe fits and you’ve already went out and purchased every custard, gel, hair smoothie, brush, rat tail comb (so your baby hairs can POP) and any other natural hair necessity that you saw used by your favorite YouTuber, than you are good to go. These four styles are just a small portion of the endless way to rock our TWA.

Aye Ciara shares her product stash


The Sultry Side Part

Big chop, TWA, Natural hair, Side Part, Haircut
Big Chop: TWA Edition

Twist out

Big chop, TWA, Natural hair, Twist out
Big Chop: Twist out on TWA


Big Chop, Mohawk, Natural Hair, TWA, Blonde hair
Big Chop: TWA Mohawk


Big chop, TWA, Natural hair, Coils
Big Chop: Coiled TWA


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