Big Earrings Are Back!

Big Earrings Are Back!

Great NEWS!  The days of the Maximalist are back!  Personally, I’m one of those people who dresses to the max.  I wear the prints, the big jewelry, the sequins and all that blings and glitters, the chains and spikes, the head pieces etc.  Whatever will create a more interesting look and bring intrigue to my outfit especially when it comes to details, I’m all in!  For a while, as our minimalistic fashion trended, I’ve had the pleasure to venture into the more classic attires, blending neutrals and solids with barely there jewelry.  It was fun and it gave me a feel of being part of the Kardashian Clan.  However, like a creature in my natural habitat, I’m free to roam and explore greater possibilities when it comes to my outfit of the day!

The important factor that I would like to emphasize regarding style is that as an individual, you have to always be true to who you are, regardless of what is currently trending!  Right?  You can always take bits and pieces of the trends that designers propose and remake it into your own.  Besides, who cares what a group of people have decided as the “TREND!” to follow.  Don’t just be a cookie cutter and start looking like a clown because the mass has declared it as great fashion taste.  No, dear!  Be brave to consider the trends and maybe apply them to your style if you so choose, but always…ALWAYS…be original!  With all of that said…please enjoy the runway photos featuring long earrings as the upcoming “Spring 2016 Accessory Trend.”  If you’re a big earrings fan, then go for the gusto, but if you’re more of a minimalist, then go for long but thin drops.

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Alexander McQueen
Salvatore Ferragamo
Dolce & Gabbana Earrings
Dolce & Gabbana


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