The Biggest Misconception About Coconut Oil

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All you ever hear are people talking about how amazing coconut oil is and how it has changed their life, but what they fail to mention is that it DOES NOT BELONG ON YOUR SCALP OR FACE.

“Uhhhh…Whatchu Mean?…”

Well, let me break it down…
Do you ever put coconut oil on your scalp and it still itches? Have you applied it to your face with the hopes of getting rid of breakouts, but instead the pimples either spread or don’t go away?

That may have something to do with the fact that coconut oil doesn’t belong there.

For the longest, I was convinced (along with everyone else newly introduced to it) that coconut oil was the cure for EVERYTHING. Don’t get me wrong, I have found that it is amazing for you HAIR. It makes it soft and keeps it shining. However, from my experience, coconut oil sits on top of the skin instead of actually penetrating it to give it moisture.

For example, coconut oil was a part of my daily facial cleansing routine. I applied it after washing my face and I used it to moisturize and lessen the appearance of pimples. What I noticed is that although I THOUGHT I was moisturizing my face, there were dry spots. And although I THOUGHT I was applying something to my face that was supposed to clear it up, pimples were still there and even more were coming.

Of course I blamed it on the weather, not drinking enough water (although I was drinking lots of water), and my candy problem (which doesn’t affect my face as much as you would think lol). Not once did I think “hmmmm…maybe it’s the coconut oil”…until I stopped using it and my face cleared all the way up lol.

That led me to do research and consult others and apparently this is a common problem. Coconut oil has MANY uses, but facial moisturizer and pimple treatment are not any of those uses. If you take away anything from this post, understand that COCONUT OIL DOES NOT MOISTURIZE. No need to stop making it a part of your routine, but know where it’s beneficial and where it isn’t.

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