Get Holiday Beauty Chic with Blac Chyna!

The glitz, glamour, and allure of beauty in Hollywood is to die for! Your favorite female celebrities, socialites, reality stars, and TV personalities pull off some pretty trendy and inspiring looks. When it comes to the latter, Blac Chyna, reigns supreme as one of the trendiest and edgiest TV personalities when it comes to her hair and make up!

Recently Kontrol had an amazing shoot with Black Chyna and we want you to know you too can have her look, and how, during the holiday season using the same products we used for her amazing shoot!

Blac Chyna for Kontrol Magazine

Check out the tips our celebrity make up artist, Jayson Glenn provided:

The winter months can be frigid and hard on your face. The best foundation during this time of season to up hold any obstacle is none other than Danessa Myrick’s. The foundation is waterproof, provides full coverage, and it is sweat resistance when being applied to with a BH Cosmetics beauty blender.

 Danessa Myrick's Enlight halo highlighter blac chyna beauty tips

•To give Chyna a radiant glow, we used Becca Cosmetics’ glaze stick ($28) and Danessa Myrick’s Enlight halo highlighter ($22) to intensify the glow. It gives a natural glow that people just cannot help but notice about you.

Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss blac chyna beauty tips kontrol magazine

•Chyna had beautiful lips already, but you can never go wrong when you use a ($18-$54). The product always delivers, rarely smears, and its from Rihanna–a win all the way around.

Becca Cosmetics' red lip stick blac chyna beauty tips hey mikey atl

•There thousands of different red lip sticks but Becca Cosmetics’ red lip stick ($24) is the “creme de la creme!” The color is bright and vibrant, and endures with very minimal touching up.

Blac Chyna for Kontrol Magazine1

As you can see you do not have to be millionaire to have the look of one. All these products are highly affordable and can truly catapult you to looking your best. Trust us you will have everyone thinking “Blac Chyna, who?”

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