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Benu Cosmetics is a Black owned beauty business that calls Chicago, Illinois its home base. The goal was to create natural, inexpensive skincare items for people in order to reach their skin goals. Mena Nwabenu, the owner, wanted to make sure that the items created are cruelty free, natural and plant based, in order to yield the best results for the skin. Take a look at some of the items they have to offer.

Benu Cosmetics


This cleanser is made of African black soap. The BLK AFRIQ bar soap can be helpful in treating hyperpigmentation, acne and can even help with issues from eczema. Just simply put water in your hand, lather the soap and apply to your face to clean. Rinse off once finished. In addition to be created from African black soap, the soap also has honey and shea butter to help nourish the skin.



One of the best steps to follow after cleaning your face is applying a toner. Benu Cosmetics offers three different toners. If you have oily and/or suffer from acne, the best toner to reach for is the Hazel Grace Toner. For those that suffer from having dry skin, get Jasmine’s Baby Toner. This toner is made to hydrate the skin to prevent that dry and tight feeling. Eau So Fresh is going to be the toner to use if you have normal skin. The toners can be for day and night after washing your face.

Benu-toner trio


Just like the toners, there is a serum/moisturizer for every skin type. The three that are available for selection are the Hello Skin serum (normal), Keep Calm moisturizer (oily), and Silken Kisses Moisturizer (dry). For the best results, use after using the matching toner, based on your skin type.


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