Black Beauty Brand: Delish Condish

Are you a fan of skin care that smells good and feels good? Delish Condish is for you!


Delish Condish is a skincare company located in Georgia. Each item is handmade in small batches, which means that everything is handled with care and attention. Ingredients in the products are natural and great for the body. The premium ingredients used have great benefits for the skin and hair, such as hydration, repair and growth. This black owned business has something for your face, body and hair. Below are just some items to consider for yourself or anyone that loves skincare.

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Cleaning your face is a task that will never escape you, so why not use something good and gentle on your skin. The Green Tea and Cucumber Cleansing Milk is gentle for the face and very effective. Green Tea extract is known for having antioxidants, which could aid in the aging process. The cucumber will help with soothing any irritation to the skin. The cleansing milk is available in two different sizes.

Green Tea_Cucumber Cleansing Milk


After a long, tiring and messy day, there is nothing like a tall glass of your favorite wine and a nice, warm bath. Soak away the day’s troubles with the Bath Tea. Really treat yourself to the set of 5 different Bath Teas. The teas are Oat & Chamomile, Juniper Berry & Ginger, Lavender & Chamomile, Lemon, Green Tea & Spearmint,  Rose & Coconut Milk. Allow yourself to melt away the troubles with Epsom salt as it eases the tension away from your muscles. You can treat yourself multiple times a week.

Bath Tea set


Need a miracle for your hair? Go for the Jamaican Black Castor Vitamin Hair Oil. Castor oil is for help with hair growth. In addition to the castor oil, the other oils in this hair treatment can help with inflammation and strengthening the hair.

jamaican black castor vitamin hair oil

The items mention above are just recommendations. Check them out to see if there is anything else delicious that you see from Delish Condish. Some items would make great stocking stuffers too!


Photographs courtesy of Delish Condish

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