Black Beauty Brand: Iman Cosmetics

You may know here for walking the runway, but did you know Iman has a cosmetic line?


Long before giving the girls the tools to beat their face, Iman was an international model. Throughout her career, she was also an actress and is a philanthropist. Iman decided to create a line of makeup for those with ethnic tones back in 1994. Her makeup line is Iman Cosmetics.

Iman Cosmetics_products


If you are a lover of drugstore makeup, Iman Cosmetics is right for you. The foundations available can be found at your local Walgreens. The idea of the cosmetic line simply came from her experience with having to mix her own foundations backstage for runway shows.



Not only does Iman Cosmetics focus on makeup, but they also have a skincare line as well. The skincare products include a gentle foam cleanser, gel cleanser, toner and moisturizers based upon skin type. Everyone know that the basis of great makeup is great skin care.


Iman Cosmetics has your whole face covered, when it comes to offering products. Below are some of our favorite picks.



When it comes to the foundation, there is a digital reference guide for you to determine which model is similar to your complexion. Once you have determined your shade, it’s up to you to pick liquid, crème or pressed powder.

Iman_second to none stick foundation


Pick up the convenient eye shadow pencil. It’s great for travel or being on the go. There are many colors to select, but no need to be boring.



It’s okay to skip the traditional lipstick and the trendy matte lipstick. Go for a shimmery lip gloss. They have the right amount of color to give you that WOW factor and a great level of shimmer.



If you are looking for something that will make you feel good and look good, try Iman Cosmetics. The products are beautiful, easily available either in store or online. Who better to create a makeup line to help you feel runway ready everyday?


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