Black Beauty Brand: Ixora Botanical Beauty

There is nothing like using nature to be naturally beautiful. Ixora Botanical Beauty can help you and your skin reach maximum glow status.


Don’t you just love a place where you can get everything that you need? There’s no need to do a lot of running around anymore. Ixora Botanical Beauty has everything for your face, hair and body to keep it clean and maintained.



Who doesn’t want to have a clean and clear face? Lucky for your skin, Ixora just made the process of getting clear skin easier. The Face Trilogy Set is the perfect set to help get your skin in order. The set includes an oil cleanser, face scrub (exfoliator) and a facial butter (moisturizer).



Ready to reintroduce shine back into your hair? Reach for the Cupuacu and Mango Hydrating Hair Soufflé. This moisturizing bit of magic is packed full of mango butter, cupuacu butter, hemp seed oil, broccoli seed oil and Jamacian black castor oil. With all of those hydrating oils, how can you not want to use this for healthy hair?



After cleaning your body, reach for something moisturizing. The Whip It Up Shea Butter is made shea nilotica butter and can come in a variety of scents. You can also get it unscented or add additional moisturizing oils.



The man in your life wants to have great skin too. When he shaves, he may not be taking the best care of his skin. Lucky for him, he has you and you want to make sure his face is fab. Get him the aftershave/toner. The aftershave/toner is great to help tone the skin and reduce razor bumps and irritation. The aftershave/toner comes in two scents; Cucumber Peppermint and Lavender & Rose.


There is just so much to pick from Ixora Botanical Beauty. All of the handmade items use ingredients that are healing and healthy. You can buy with anything with confidence.


photos courtesy of Ixora.

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