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Probably one of the most difficult tasks of any woman’s journey into makeup is finding the right foundation color. The task becomes even more difficult for women of color, especially those with more melanin. For some reason, there is this weird notion that Black women don’t like or don’t wear makeup. LIES! They do and just want to make sure they are not two-tones on the road to a beat and beautiful face. Finding the right shade was an issue for Jasmine Rose and to solve that issue, she created Laws of Nature.


For Jasmine Rose, the road to Laws of Nature came about from her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Based upon her own independent research, Rose noticed that there was a link between the chemicals in cosmetics, environmental factors and breast cancer. While also adopting a healthy life, Rose wanted to get a non-toxic foundation. Sadly, she wasn’t able to find one, so she created her own. Below are some examples of the creations she was able to produce in an effort to provide healthier options for women of color.



This organic mineral cream foundation is silicone, paraben, and dimethicone free. There are 16 shades to choose from in order to locate the perfect foundation shade for your skin. You also get to select the finish you want for the Foxy Finish foundation. Matte or Satin, you just cannot go wrong. On top of that, the foundation is plant-based.

Laws of nature_foxyfinish_liquid


For those that like the idea of compact and convenience, the stick foundation is for you. This is also organic, but infused with antioxidants to help with your skin. The stick foundation is also free of any alcohol, which can be drying to the skin.

Laws of nature_foxyfinish_stick


The best way to get that no make-up look or to just simply finish and set your look, reach for the Foxy Finish Natural Mineral Loose Powder. The shade range is still just as great. A major bonus is the UV protection in the powder.

Laws of nature_foxyfinish_powder

Laws of Nature is a great place to select your foundation. Their products are created with Black women in mind and their health. There is a shade to cover the beautiful spectrum of Black women everywhere.



Photos courtesy of Laws of Nature

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