Black Beauty Brand: Pat McGrath Labs

Known for her high fashion runway looks, Pat McGrath is here to give the world a new level of glamour with her makeup line Pat McGrath Labs.


You may not know her, but if you are fan of fashion and beauty, you have seen her work. Pat McGrath has been behind the scenes creating memorable looks for the runway and glossy pages of editorials for over 20 years.

PM_look_W cover

After her multiple years in the beauty industry, she released limited edition kits. Naturally, the kits grew popular and created a frenzy. They, the limited edition kits were also known for the sequins that came with the makeup.

PML packs

Recently, the world-renowned makeup artist released her first permanent makeup collection. The eye shadow palettes are titled “The Mothership.” The three sets have their own name and range of colors.


M1_subliminalMothership I: Subliminal

Skinshow Nude, Ultimate Taupe, Lilac Dusk, Depth, Substance, Xtreme Black, Pale Gold 002, Astral White, VR Violet, Blitz Blue


M2_sublimeMothership II: Sublime

Skinshow Glow, Copper Toned, Iconic, Rose Dusk, Dark, Xtreme Black, Bronze 005, Astral Ghost Orchid, VR Nectar, Blitz Emerald


M3_subversiveMothership III: Subversive

Skinshow Fever, Black Metal, Lazarus, Deep Shade, Night Creature, Xtreme Black, Gigabyte, Astral Ghost Orchid, VR Pink, Blitz Amethyst

In addition to the eye shadow palettes, the collection also includes lip pencils and eye liners. The lipsticks come in deep rich pigments as well. If you are a lover of shine, the LuxeTrance, range of lipsticks are for you, but if you want to have color and no shine, the MatteTrance lipsticks will give you the right dose of what you need.

LuxeTrance Lipsticks

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