Black Beauty Brand: Walker and Company

Tristian Walker has changed the game when it came to black beauty and grooming with Walker and Company.


Like many men of color, finding products that can be helpful in achieving a crisp look can be challenging. We all have had the dreaded experience of going to the local store and/or pharmacy to find a razor or some sort of grooming product. Sadly, it is at the bottom of the shelf, dusty and just simply problematic. Tristian Walker knew this struggle too well, just like the rest of us and decided to solve the problem. Walker and Company has released several products to help people of color look their best every day.

WALKER and Company logoBEVEL

The Bevel razor is the release that started Walker and Company on high gear. The razor is used to achieve the most comfortable and smooth shaving experience for people with course/curly hair. The set includes the razor, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, badger brush, after shave balm and replacement razors. The kit also comes with instructions on how to get the best possible close shave. You will love the look of no bumps and smooth skin.



The trimmer is a nice follow up to the razor. The razor was great for the face and now the trimmer is for the head. Using this trimmer, you can have a seamless cut that does not require removing blades or having the cord get in the way. In addition to that, the trimmer is comfortable in the hand.

Bevel Trimmer


Form Beauty is perfect for anyone that loves their hair. Typically, the shampoo and hair care items in the store are not the best for certain hair types and the products are limited. With Form, the hair care items are made for those with specific types of hair. The line of products are made to be used together, depending on your hair type. Just simply complete the survey on the site and get the best products for your hair.

FORM Beauty

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