Black Panther Setting the Tone for Hollywood

Black Panther has not only broke barriers for young, black kids, by being an inspiration, but set the tone for black Hollywood.

Children love looking up to a superhero, and with this film, having a black superhero as the lead, it is such a powerful thing for young black kids to know hey that can be me.

Lead Actors in Black Panther

Now, putting the focus on the film’s impact in Hollywood. Hollywood is known to snub African American actors, directors, producers, and in general, all of black Hollywood when it comes to basically anything. But, with this film being directed by a black director, as well as an all-black cast, man that speaks volumes.

This film was more than African-Americans seeing an all-black cast led by a black superhero. Ryan Coogler, has really set the standard, for the future of black Hollywood. What does this mean? Othe black creatives too, can make high grossing films.

Ryan Coogler

Yes, it took some time, but as a culture, black people are making our mark in Hollywood.  

Coogler, a kid from Oakland, is the director of the seventh, highest-grossing film EVER, in the United States. Let that sink in. It’s possible for us to reach that standard, that Hollywood says we can not reach. That the youth can look up and say, “Hey, that can be me one day!’  If they can do it so can I.

Full Black Panther Cast via Marvel Facebook

Last year’s Academy Awards, had many people outraged that the individual acting nominations, were given exclusively to white performers. Over the past year, the subject of diversity and representation has been especially present, so Black Panther may just make positive waves in the world of entertainment.

At this year’s Academy Awards, writer, comedian, and director, Jordan Peele, received the award for the Best Original Screenplay, for the smash box office hit, “Get Out”.  Let’s just say, African Americans are making noise in Hollywood, and we are here for it. It’s about time we got credit for the talent we bring, to all forms of art. 

Hollywood's Black Panther Cast


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