Taskmaster Shows His Skills in 2nd Black Widow Trailer!

We are a little less than four months away from the debut of Marvel’s standalone “Black Widow” movie. The film is definitely one of the most anticipated features of 2020. Thankfully, Marvel Studios has now dropped the second official trailer for the film!

As you may already know the film is a prequel, to the Avengers Infinity War and Endgame movies, set shortly after the events of “Captain America: Civil War.Black Widow returns to Russia and reunites with her “family,” Yelena Belenova (another Black Widow), Iron Maiden, and the Red Guardian. With their help she dares to take on The Red Room, the secret organization that creates female spies like herself and the mysterious assassin, Taskmaster!

taskmaster black widow movie
Taskmaster (comic book and movie counterparts)

The first “Black Widow” trailer focused on Natasha’s [Romanoff] “family” as aforementioned, but this second one gives us a clear look at Taskmaster and hints at his skills. As you can see he an expert swordsman, fighter, gymnast, and has shield throwing skills similar to Captain America’s. In the comics, Taskmaster has “photographic reflexes, the ability to copy and mimic the fighting style of any person he sees granting him limited super speed, Olympic level conditioning, and allows him to predict movements from his opponents. Thus, at this point in the MCU, he possibly has mimicked the fighting styles of multiple Avengers, including Cap, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and perhaps even Hawkeye. and Black Panther. Needless to Widow has her work cut out for her.

black widow movie poster

This new trailer only leaves us feening for the actual film. We really hate Black Widow has not gotten her own film earlier. She is seemingly dead as of “Avengers: Endgame,” and Scarlet Johansson’s contract with Marvel Studios is up. The trailer continues to play on the bond between Natasha and Yelena, forcing us to believe she will completely believe will assume the mantle of Black Widow.

black widow movie poster

What do you all think of the second official trailer for “Black Widow” and Taskmaster? Sound off in the comments’ section below!

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